Photo (CC) by Theresa Thompson
Photo (CC) by Theresa Thompson

Well this is it. “Time has come today” to select the 45th president of the United States. Ever since the campaign began almost two years ago, this election has proved to the country a few things: a) we are more divided now than we have ever been before, both politically and ideologically, b) Americans are sick of the same old institutions and c) anything and I mean anything is possible. If someone had told you two years ago that “Apprentice” host and celebrity businessman Donald Trump would be the GOP nominee and possible future president, would you have believed them? Americans are disillusioned and are looking to new blood to jump start our government. Trump speaks to a class of Americans who desperately desire a fresh perspective, appreciate his no nonsense, ‘tells it like it is’ manner of prose and at the end of the day just wish the country could go back in time to when they believe things were easier. For many registered Democrats and Republicans, this year’s decision to vote proved exceedingly difficult with both candidates hosting their fair share of flaws (Clinton’s penchant for secrecy and bureaucratic ties, Trump’s tendency to alienate just about every demographic not including white males [among other things]). There were many voters who would have preferred that another candidate have received the Democratic nomination, and have vowed that they will not vote for Hillary because of that. And of course as always, we cannot forget the two third party candidates, libertarian Gary Johnson, independent Evan McMullin and Green Party representative Jill Stein, who have the chance to steal votes away from both frontrunners with the simple premise that they’re not Clinton or Trump. With all that said, today millions of voters will cast their ballots and below are some resources to peruse throughout the day as we wait in anticipation for the exit numbers:

  • Decision 2016 by NBC News: Provides an electoral map, diagram of the Senate and House votes and shows live updates of all the important state races (i.e. swing states, those with many electoral votes up for grabs).
  • Politico Live Blog: Politico is running live updates from their top writers about information you need to know on Election Day, from campaign statements to famous figures casting their vote.
  • Politico Live Map: In addition, Politico also provides a map similar to NBC that updates in real time as results come in and provides data for all 50 states.
  • FiveThirtyEight watch guide: Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight wrote an interesting guide as to which state polls to watch at what times during the night to give you the best indication of how the race is going.

and most importantly:

  • Red Panda Live Cam: In case you need to take a break, San Francisco Zoo is teaming up with Firefox to provide a live cam of their three red pandas to provide therapeutic viewing starting at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

So get out there and vote America!


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