For my final project assignment, I would like to do a story primarily on Massachusetts’ decision this year to implement an early voting system for the first time. My text story would be about why the early voting system was started this election season in Mass., exploring how it was implemented, how it works and how it has functioned thus far. My photo story will be a visual accompaniment to that story with pictures about polling locations, people early voting, etc. My video story will be a sidebar about the perceptions college students have had about the election as well as their voting behavior (i.e. if they elected to use early voting, voted on election day, absentee ballot etc.).

I have already interviewed an official from the Boston Elections Commission and will get statistics after the election is over for the text and photo stories. I also spoke with two early voters about their experiences with the nascent process. I have also taken numerous photographs of the main early voting polling location in Boston at City Hall and the previous polling location on Columbus Ave. For my video story, I have done five student interviews already and have more lined up for later.


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