Who says millennials are apathetic to local politics? Not these students – at Harvard University, the Democratic organization is highly active this election season, as I document here in this video news story. Coupling up with the grassroots organization Save Our Public Schools, the students embarked on a daylong initiative to canvass (going door to door), leaflet and host a table where they provided Cambridge residents and area students information about all four state referendum questions on this year’s Massachusetts ballot. As Save Our Public Schools (also known as “No on question 2”) were involved, the main question of import was question 2 about whether to increase the number of charter schools each year in Massachusetts for a hypothetically indeterminate amount of time – something the students and operatives were vehemently opposed to. They also had positions on the other three questions about casino slot machines (no on question 1), preventing uncomfortable caging in of farm animals (yes on question 3) and legalization of marijuana (yes on question 4). The students persistently occupied Harvard Square and canvassed the surrounding neighborhoods because they felt these issues were of just as much importance in this election as the presidential race, because the measures would inevitably affect all Massachusetts residents one way or another and many voters knew nothing about the ballot measures.


The creative commons photo at the end of the video is by Prachatai, who sourced the Trump photo from Gage Skidmore and Clinton photo from Hillary for Iowa.


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